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This guide will help you place PlayDog at home and set it up using our mobile application so you can start playing.

Bill Of Materials - Setup Guide


  • M3 25mmX1
  • Washer 3 5X1


Hurray! No files required.


  • Drill Optional
  • Phillips Screwdriver

Section 1: Positioning 3 steps

Step 1: Placing The Home Base

Place the home base - choose a location close to an electric socket and a wall or a pole for mounting. Choose some place where a little mess won't bother you as the home base will be dispensing food. Also, make sure that your dog is able to approach the location easily.

Step 2: Placing The Calling Bases

Place the calling bases - choose locations reasonably far from the home, and far from each other, so your dog has a good run between them. You'll need to place each base close to an electric socket and a wall or a pole for mounting. Also, make sure that your dog is able to approach the bases easily.

Step 3: Mounting All Bases

Parts 0

Hurray! No parts required.

Files 0

Hurray! No files required.

Tools 1

  • Drill Optional

Mount the bases in your chosen locations. You can do so by drilling holes in your flat surface, or by using rubber bands to attach to a pole shaped mount (like a table leg, or a plant trunk :)).

Section 2: Wifi Setup 4 steps

Step 1: Powerup

Connect all bases to electricity. Wait 2-3 second for the LED on the Particle device to blink blue. If the LED does not blink, check your charger and soldering. If the LED is on, but is not blinking, hold the mode button until it starts blinking, then continue.

Step 2: Particle Pairing

  • Download the Particle app (for Photon) or Spark Core App (for Core) to your phone.
  • Signing in to the app, you'll need to create your new Particle account. This is not your letitmake account.
  • While still connected to your home WiFi, press the "setup a photon" button.
  • Make sure all your station are blinking blue. If not, hold the "setup" button for 3 seconds (the button is located on the Photon itself).
  • Connect your mobile device to one of the Photon-XXXX WiFi's. This means you connect to a single base and now interact with it.
  • Through the Particle app, configure the photon to your home WiFi.
  • The LED on the particle should turn "breathing" cyan.
  • You can name the unit with a descriptive name, like "LivingRoom".
  • Repeat these steps with all stations.

note: WiFi password should be at least 8 characters long.

Browse Particle Documentation for any further details.

Step 3: Playdog App Setup

Go to PlayDog app. When signing in to the app, you'll need to create your new PlayDog username. This is not your letitmake or Particle account.

After initial signup you'll need to enter the Particle account configuration and key in your account details from the Particle Core app. When you're done, all the stations should appear. You can use "Sound test" or "Wave" to verify that everthing is working properly.

Step 4: Setup Playdog Logic On Particles

In the PlayDog app, enter Settings --> Device Management. You will see all Particle devices associated to the Particle account you entered, near each one you will have an option to flash new PlayDog firmware to the device, do it the all your PlayDog Particle devices. Each flash will take up to 2 minutes. When flashing, you should hear the servo spinning into position in the home (feeding) base.

Section 3: Food Silo Setup 4 steps

Step 1: Prepare Silo Plug

Parts 2

  • M3 25mmX1
  • Washer 3 5X1

Files 0

Hurray! No files required.

Tools 1

  • Phillips Screwdriver

Insert the M3 25mm with washer into the silo plug.

Step 2: Attach Connector To Silo Plug

Screw the star shaped connector (it comes with the servo) to the silo plug. Note: make sure to screw in the star tightly.

Step 3: Mount Silo Plug On Servo

Insert the assembled silo plug on the servo, when the arrow points to the dot on the bearing. screw in the M3 to the servo.

Step 4: Silo Mounting

Insert the food silo into the bearing. Insert with the arrow on the silo pointing to the dot on the bearing.

Section 4: Food Silo Calibration 2 steps

Step 1: Fill Daily Food

Put in the food silo the daily amount of your dog’s food. Make sure not to put food higher than the limit mark in the silo.

Step 2: Set Max Dispenses

  1. In the PlayDog app -> Settings page -> Daily food dispenses. Set Daily food dispenses to 25
  2. Tap the “Give all food” button and watch the Home base as the food is being dispensed. Count the number of dispenses until the food silo is empty (no more food is being dispensed)
  3. Fill in this number and save changes

Woo-Hoo! This part is done :)

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