About Us

Who We Are

We are a small team, dedicated to developing open source hardware products.

When we started working on PlayDog, the first of our products, we realized that it would be amazing to share its development process with others - design it in a way people could make it at home, use it, highlight problems & implement solutions - to finally arrive at an 'almost' out of the box product, that can be shared with end consumers. We now hope to share & expand this work experience with you.

Our Vision

Through our enteprise, we would like to encourage people to indulge in the making of their products. We want to recreate craftsmanship and reverse the trend of industrial processes becoming distant and incomprehensible. We aim to create a community and ecologically aware alternative to modern consumerism, share knowledge and provide means for its growth. Collaborators join a product, discuss it, and develop it. The development is entirely open source, anyone can download the latest product data. Anyone can offer services which help other users build the products; from making and selling parts of the product to selling a finished product.

LetItMake operates around 5 main pillars:

The Innovate pillar of the platform is about allowing makers & inventors to upload images & designs of working prototypes of products. The designs need to be elaborate enough for someone to be able to replicate the prototype, but it still doesn’t have to be finalized into a digital design - the digital design development will evolve through our platform, through the collaborative effort of users interested to grow this prototype into a digitally designed, mesh manufactured, product.

The Make pillar of the platform is all about building everything from scratch, understanding how it works, and later on using that knowledge on other products, or creating their own inventions. We offer detailed designs which the users can download and manufacture by themselves, and we offer detailed instructions for every step of the way.

If you find that you have expertise in the technologies used to build the products, our Collaborate pillar allows you to offer new designs for different aspects of the product: making it work better, be better suited for mesh manufacturing, be prettier or cost less money.

Our Order pillar is about facilitating some of the make work. Since we understand that the entry barrier for such products may be high (making everything yourself may be hard!), we offer a shop, where you can acquire: a full kit of parts to build the product (usually 3D parts and off the shelf electronics), only an electronics kit & finally some individual parts, that are custom made for this product (example: PCB). We also offer links to acquiring off the shelf parts or 3D printing services from other providers on the web.

Since our idea relies on digital designs for mesh manufacturing - our Supply pillar offers local electronics or 3D service providers to sign up as manufacturers. So, The offering in our shop is produced almost entirely by local manufacturers - delivering the parts in the most fast and convenient manner to you.